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Your Smile

"Your Smile" is the title of the newest song by Dave, it was produced together with Paul Minard.

About the song:
"Your Smile" is a heartfelt, tender song of unrequited love, highlighting Dave Moffatt for what he truly is - a great young vocalist, and an amazing vocal arranger. Written by Toronto pianist/composer Paul Minard and recorded in a small studio overlooking beautiful Lake Ontario.

Here you can listen a sample: Your Smile

Further information about the song and how you can get the complete song find you on this site:

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Same Same

While their first single "Supermodel" hasn't been this successful, their second single "Love Isn't" claimed the charts of the thai radio stations and reached number 1.

samesame Until the end of July the guys were on "Thailand High School Tour". Their last official appearance has been at the Mint's press conference on August the 3rd where Scott accomponied.

Inofficial it's said that the guys plan to publish an european and a canadian version of their first album called "The Meaning of Happy". The special thing about it is that the guys record a song together with one musician from these states as they did at their asian production together with a thai pop star. If there will be such a co-working-production at the european and canadian version is not sure yet though it's not sure if there will ever be one of these versions at all.


Scott Moffatt

scott moffatt Scott went to Thailand in about Aprill 2006. He produces some thai bands like "Slot Machine". He doesn't work on his own musical career right now after his album was published in the beginning of July.

He plans to go back to Los Angeles at the end of the year.

Dave Moffatt

After Dave moved to Winnipeg at the beginning of 2006, he played a role in the musical of "Miss Saigon" at the theater. He then moved to Calgary where he sang at a karaoke bar on three days a week. As some newspapers said (e.g. Vue Weekly) Dave joined the Coming Out Tour where drag queens, hypnotists and others appeared. Though no one knows if there were any shows or even if Dave did some gigs because some tour dates where chancelled.
dave moffatt

Dave decided to move to Toronto and so he did a few days ago. His dog "Paige", which has been with him for a pretty long while, will surely be with him, too. To quote Dave he is not sure what to do with his life. He just moved there and wanna see what happens next. He doesn't have any plans on his musicial career at all. So we still have to wait what's Dave planning to do next.

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New CD of Scott Moffatt

"Allegory of the city" is the title of the first solo album of Scott. He has written and produced the songs.

On his personally side on you can listen 3 songs of this album:

Information to the CD and hints how you can pre-order the CD, can be found on this website:

If you have questions to the CD, you could ask it in the forum. There will be certainly fans, they can give you more information to the CD and to the solo-project of Scott.

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Do you think it is possible that the Moffatts plays again together in a band?

Yes, it could be
No, I don't think so
It's all the same to me
It would be wonderful if a lot of old fans meet again on the board. Talk about whatever you like doesn't necessarily have to be about the Moffatts. New fans are also very welcome just come and join our
little "community"
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Unfortunately there's not very much going on in the chat lately. Just hang around and wait, eventually someone will show up. There's also a "chat-forum" on the board which should help to find a time for some more people to meet in the chatroom.
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   - pic from Scott and Dave
      in Autumn 2005
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      December 2005
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